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HIATUS Claudia, 21. visitors Stark(s) in Winterfell

The best thing I did was to have started watching Orphan Black last night. What a show!!! I’m in love with all the facets of Tatiana Maslany.

Anonymous said:
Hi! So I didn't know much about you or your blog when I followed, but you responding to all of those people's introductions so personally and personably really showed that you're an A+ person. Hope you're having a day as great as you are!

Hey! Oh ,thank you so much for all those compliments, this really means to me!!! But I’m doing what I think most people should do, because when we ask to people to come to our askbox to introduce themselves and their blogs, we must make them comfortable to do so. And what better way than, to show them that we’re alike, we have the same tastes and they are interesting? So when we do it, they feel more encourage to introduce themselves and we really get to know them. And it makes me so happy because while we know them also they get to know us, this is a wonderful exchange that is priceless for me. I’m certainly having a day because of your message. I hope you have a great day as well, and that you appear more often here, it was wonderful to have you here. Thank you again. :D

ozeraliss said:
Name: Keira or Karina. Age: 19. It is a mixture of character names book Vampire Academy. I fell in love with the characters of the book, but the book is written poorly. Hobbies/interests: Interested in art in any of its manifestations. Studying dance for 15 years. Why you follow me: You are a very pleasant and sociable person. Posts in your blogs interesting. Random fact about yourself: I'm afraid of the dark:( Question for me: What is your favorite drink?<3

Hey Keira, it’s such a pleasure having you here, you’re always welcome!!!

My sister’s name would be Karina, but then my mom preferred naming her Camila. It’s a really cool url, yours. Oh really? I haven’t read it, but I’ve watched the film. It’s not a big deal but it’s enjoyable. OMG, it’s very cool, dancing is such a beautiful human expression. Thank you, I considerer you very pleasant too. :) I used to be afraid of the dark too, I thought that something supernatural would happen. But today I got used to the dark, and now I just can sleep with all the lights off.

My favorite drink of all the times is Mate Tea. I drink it everyday, I’m so addicted to Yerba Mate.

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